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If you wish, you may contact us via e-mail at   greatwhitenorthtaxi@gmail.com

Great White North Taxi

PO Box 747, Dawson, YT Y0B1G0, CA

(867) 730-2227

Serving Dawson City, And All of the Yukon

Welcome to Great White North Taxi in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada


Great White North Taxi is now in Full Operation in Beautiful Dawson City, Yukon, Canada. We can pick up fares Anywhere in the Yukon with road access (for a price)

  PLEASE READ CAREFULLY :  Early Morning Calls, and Early Airport Calls MUST be arranged at least the day Prior to your need for a taxi. 

Here are our Current Hours of Operation

Tuesday to Friday:- 12:00 Noon to 03:00 AM

Saturday to Monday:- 6:00 PM to 03:00 AM

As Long as there is Only one Driver (me) I will operate until 03:00 AM Every Day. As a result, unless you call and book the Taxi at least the day before, for earlier Morning Calls, it is unlikely that I will be awake to receive your call.  SAFETY is a PRIORITY, and I must be well rested in order to be safe on the road.     

Here are my Current Hours of Operation

                                                 This is for Your Safety, My Safety, and the Safety of others. Please be respectful of my Listed Hours. It is my Hope, that the Taxi will eventually be able to operate 24 Hours a Day, but that day HAS NOT yet arrived.

New Taxi Service in Dawson City, Yukon, Canada


RATES - ALL FARES ARE CASH ONLY Sorry, we do not accept Credit or Debit Cards.          E Transfer is possible, but proof that transfer has been made Must be shown PRIOR to exiting the Taxi.

 Drop - (just to get in the taxi) - $7.50

Per Kilometer - $1.25

Wait time - $1.00 per Minute

              Want to go Golfing? We Will take you, and up to 5 companions to the Golf Course, across the Ferry, for $45.00 each way, regardless of wait time for the Ferry. 

                                                     Private Tours/Charters/Excursions : $75.00 Per Hour for up to 6 people.


          FLAT RATES: CASH IN ADVANCE (prior to departure):

   Dawson to Inuvik, NWT $1,000.00 for up to 6 people ONE WAY! Depending upon time of day you request this fare, you may be required to pay for One Night Hotel stay!


 To or From Carcross, Yukon $1,000.00 for up to 6 people ONE WAY! Depending upon time of day you request this fare, you may be required to pay for One Night Hotel stay!

  To or From Whitehorse, Yukon, $850.00  for up to 6 people ONE WAY! Depending upon time of day you request this fare, you may be required to pay for One Night Hotel stay!

   To or From Carmacks, Yukon, $700.00

 To or From Mayo/Pelly Crossing, Yukon, $450.00

   To or From Stewart Crossing, Yukon, $300.00

 **Sorry, but we do not accept Credit or Debit Cards. We are a CASH ONLY service. Sorry for the inconvenience. Please have your cash ready either when you enter the Taxi (Cash in Advance for Flat Rates) or when we arrive at your destination. Thank You**.  

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Tired of Walking Home Late at night?


If you are tired of having to walk home when it is late, or if you are afraid of getting pulled over on your way home, you no longer need to worry. Great White North Taxi will get you home safely and a little bit faster than walking, and a little bit less costly than a D.U.I.  

Great White North Taxi will also do Deliveries for the Dawson Area, SORRY, But we WILL NOT Deliver Alcohol


    Within Dawson Proper: $10.00

 Dome/West Dawson (as long as there is a LEGAL way to traverse the River Crossing)  Ogilvie Bridge to City Limits $15,00 


City Limits to Bear Creek $20.00

    Bear Creek to Henderson Corner $25.00


                                                                                                  Deliveries to various Local Mining Operations, dependent upon Location, but not less than $200.00  

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Great White North Taxi

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Mission Statement: 

To provide a Safe and Reliable method of road transportation, for the Community of Dawson City and all of the Yukon.

About Great White North Taxi:

Great White North Taxi was founded on October 1, 2018, Owned by Al Sider of Dawson City, Yukon. This Taxi Business came about as the result of a former Taxi Company going out of business, and through the generous assistance of a miner (who desires to be nameless), who basically provided all of the funds necessary to get started.  It is by the Grace of God, and by His Mercy, that influenced this miner to provide the means by which to start. I thank God for placing the desire in this miner's heart to assist in this project.

I had previously worked for the former Taxi Company, and hope to correct the mistakes made by that company, in order to provide a continuous and reliable service to the community and surrounding area.

Regarding Employment with Great White North Taxi:

Great White North Taxi must take the Safety of our customers, and of the general public very seriously. As a result, future employees will be subject to random drug and alcohol testing, must provide a Driver's Abstract, and a Vulnerable Sector Criminal Record Check. Drivers must be well rested before beginning their shift, and must refrain from consuming Alcohol for between 8 to 10 hours prior to their shift. Any Driver attempting to start a shift while still under the influence will not be permitted to drive, and may be subject to dismissal from the company.

Drivers will NOT be permitted to smoke or Vape any Marijuana for 6 hours prior to their shift and NOT at all during their shift. The use of this (even if it is Medicinal) will be justifiable cause for termination of employment. Absolutely NO other Drug Use will be tolerated, and use of any drug while on shift will lead to termination.

I do not know what more to add at this point, but will add more as necessary.

Al Sider


Great White North Taxi.

Dawson City, Yukon


(867) 730-2227